What We’ve Doing: Water Collection At The Harbour Ward Community Garden

Mike, Frank and Dave were down at the Harbour Ward Community Garden recently. One wonderful sunny morning we improved the water collection on the slope above. This year there will hopefully be lots of beds with happy healthy plants in them

We added some corrugated sheets of plastic, which should deed into the guttering and waterbutt nicely. Powered by Rooibus tea and cheese biscuits it was lovely, what a few! Mike also installed a bench to make enjoying it even nicer.

What We’ve Been Doing: The Decking At Kipps’

We’ve kindly been allowed to use the decking at Kipps’ Alehouse to grow on!  We’ve already put a waterbutt in, and with all this rain maybe it’s time for another.  We’ve also got lots of key keg planters ready for action.

We also want to give the hanging baskets a bit of a makeover.  First though it’s all about the racking that the kegs are held in.  Its a little warped to say the least, so we tentatively made a start – it does get dark quickly now though!


What We’ve Been Doing: Helping The Harbour Ward Community Gardens

We had a great time last week helping the Harbour Ward Community Gardens.  We scrambled up the slope to help fix the drainage system, one collecting water from the slope to feed a water butt below.  We even saw a slow worm!

Over a morning we helped clear the slope, dig the guttering down to make more of an angle and them helped to create the first of several water collection points.  Hopefully after a bit of rain there will be a nice full water butt.