See You Thursday! Here’s A Poem About Tea

Not long until the tea tasting and talk! What blends are your favourite?

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Here’s a poem about tea from our columnist Dave Horn:

The kettle boils
Signalling the end
Of recent toils
Time for tea!
A dear one calls
And from all around they descend

Just one cup of tea
Is the source of such glee!
A time to rest and share
Make it herbal
And it’s even healthy
Hearts, minds and bodies on the mend

That is the beauty of tea
Rooted in simplicity
It has such capacity
To bring happiness and laughter
A good old catch-up
Or debrief post disaster

Seemingly infinite in it’s forms
A good tea pot
Every house should adorn
Bring out an infuser
And you’re stepping
Into tea porn

Just hot water
Dried leaves
Perhaps milk
But add sugar
And you’re
Of a bad ilk

But that is tea’s beauty
Who am I to prescribe or judge
Infinite forms
And infinite variations
We all have our particular
Tea related fixations

A shared experience
Your unique expression
For times good
For times bad
Tea is a gift and tool
Bring life whatever it would


David James Horn ©

Folkestone Cantiaci, Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Kipps Alehouse, Kipps, Tea, Tea Tasting

Taking In The View

2017 is definitely a year for making a bit more time and spending it in enjoyably, and in the present.

Just sittin’
In the other room
The radio is spittin’
I got plenty else to do
But instead
I think I’ll just stop
And take in the view

There’s always somewhere to rush
But in my week
I do that much too much
I’ll just park my body
By that window for a few
Just taking in
That view

Across the rooftop slopes
The pigeons hop and float
Framed by the wood, the glass
That perfect piece of art
That flows light to dark
It really has been too long
Since I stopped and took in the view

I could be a million places
Making a million faces
There’s always so much to do
But right now I can’t
Think of anything better than
Just stopping
And taking in the view

Dave James Horn ©

Man Flower

In line with our environmental discussion and film showing tonight, here is a poem about atleast in my view our relationship with the dear old environment.  From palm oil production to the Amazon – we’re impacting this world critically.  Equally though we have the tools and insight to live a better way.

Like lots of animals I have skin
Bones and eyeballs
My knee bleads when I fall

But I belong to a species
That seems with nature
To have torn up it’s treaties

Treating this planet like it’s ours
The flat mates from hell
Using up the meter and crashing cars

But I am the same
As that delicate flower
Hidden in the side of our towers

I am the same
I need the same conditions
To stay alive and in the game

Water and sunlight
Clean skies and the earth
To us both bring delight

We are the same
Sharing this place
We are all nature

Dave James Horn ©

A Poem About Sowing Seeds

There is something amazing about plants, growing them and watching them flourish.  And of course all that delicious oxygen.

Love is filling the pot
Preparing the ground
Letting invigorating water flow
And allowing the Sun’s
Sweet light to glow

Love is willing growth to happen
Nuturing and caring
Time and energy sharing
Pruning, guiding
And supporting

Love is joy
Awe in development
Accepting change
In every phase
Love never decays

Love is planting the seed
Tasting the fruit
Combining produce
To create and build
The highest potential fulfilled

Love is all.

Dave James Horn ©

Seagull Rage

The other day I saw a seagull diving down for what I guess it thought was food.  Fishing up some plastic though it soon spat it out.  This probably sounds preachy but the image stuck with me.

Plastic!? Plastic!
The seagull yelped
What looked like a fish
Did not satisfy her wish

The hungry chick
Floating near by
Continued to get
On it’s mothers wick

In a rage the seagull seethed
You humans need help!
Can you not hear nature screaming
Is it something you’ve not felt?

Just look
At f@#+ing climate change
Doesn’t need a genius
To watch this world cook

And plastic in the seas!
That sh#t is everywhere
Some insidious toxic disease

My chick is still hungry
Won’t shut up
Sadly plastic
Doesn’t do much for the gut

So humans come on
Disprove the doubt
Don’t you think all this plastic
Is getting a bit drastic?

Dave James Horn ©


Folkestone and Hythe in Transition showed Racing Extinction last week.  It’s moving, sad and I fully understood some whole new ways we’re harming the planet!  If Earth were a flat we were renting at this point we’d definitely not get our deposit back. Anyway, it’s well worth watching – not the feel good classic of the year but powerful viewing.  It got me thinking..

To blink
To shut and open the eyes
And just think
Our eyes are closed almost as much as they’re open
If it were a film at the cinema
We’d want our money back
We’d say there were bits missing
The camera must have been broken

But blinks aren’t just muscle spasms
They’re measurements of time whether we’re looking or not
And that moment happens everywhere
All at once
The creation of great chasms
The birth of new people
The shot that ends a species
Another view of that YouTube video
Where the monkey throws it’s faeces

All it takes is a blink
A moment
That few milliseconds when you might
Save a life
Share a smile
Plant a seed
Or design the next essential component
Blink and you’ll miss it
They say

But with these glitchy cameras
And their compulsion to blink
Maybe they make us directors
Cut there
Go to camera here
In this biologically projected movie
Cut to cut
Letting us really get our point across

Our eyes are closed
Almost as much as
They are open
What better reason to truly make them see
And so be aware
Share, care
For each other and ourselves really be there
And in the darkness of despair
Shine the light
Of positivity’s repair
I mean let’s make this movie at least good to fair

Dave James Horn ©

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Bees, Save The Bees, Love Bees, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee

Community – Metaphorical Compost

Sticking with the theme of Monday’s post my column this week is a poem on that old compost again.  Not left over fruit and veg though, this compost is made from the contributions of us into the community – and then what we take out at the other end.  Metaphorical compost has the added of bonus of not smelling foul or being guarded by a squadron of small flying insects.

We all add our bit
Our off cuttings
Our seeds and our pits
To the compost
So many people
Adding to one
Communal source

It builds and it grows
Even if at times
It’s smell might
Curl our toes
As all these contributions
Slowly break down and refine
Leaving a shared solution

Breaking down and combining
Soon there’s a collective compost
Ready to use
To nurture the next wave
Of things on which
We’ll be delighting
Making even more to add back

It’s just like that
A continual wave
Of giving
And enjoying what
The giving gave
The many making community
United in this cycle of unity

And so
We reap what we sow
What we share
Given with kindness
And with care
Lets make lots of smiles glow
Lets make compost!

Dave James Horn ©

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Bees, Save The Bees, Love Bees, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee