The Allotment Diary Catch Up

So, it’s been a while! But we have been very busy and bar a few rainy days, and with plenty of tea, we have been doing quite a lot.

We have been preparing the beds in both our allotments and already started planting a few things. Garlic and shallots, and oh so much Rhubarb, are in the ground. Beans are in the ground ready to go to! We’ve also got plenty of fruit on the go with kind donations of Raspberry canes and Loganberry bushes. We’re also trying out Goji Berry bushes.

We have a new volunteer Jill, who is another font of gardening knowledge.

And we’ve also dug a pond! And Frank has been climbing on lots of roofs.

The Allotment Diary: Frosty Ground

This week was chilly, very chilly! The ground was to frozen to dig and even too frozen to weed! Our new allotment friends the moles seem to have been unperturbed by this frosty ground, atleast our soil must be good. Luckily the tea wasn’t frozen, and delicious. Today we enjoyed ginger and turmeric, and dandelion and burdock.

There was still somethings to do.  Frank cut our dishevelled green house into small car sized pieces.  The rest of us, and then Frank, gave the apple tree a haircut so hopefully this year’s apples will slightly more healthy.

Even the sun was pale today!

The Allotment Diary: Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

It’s 2017! Goodbye 2016 and your excessive culling of dearly loved figures of popular culture! Hello 2017, a year of great times ahead!

We broke ourselves in gently with some light weeding and digging over of a few beds.  We also consumed some frankly essential tea, as well as resuming our recycling and composting.

We made a few nice surprises, one was the first shoots of some rhubarb, and growth on our fruit bushes. It wasn’t all casual weeding, Mike released the apple tree from it’s thorny prison of brambles while Shallots were planted. Simon turned our bed into a zen garden.

Our beds are ready, perhaps we might be ready for the planting season?!

The Allotment Diary: One Part Dig Three Parts Tea

This week we turned over more beds, and battled with the compost containers.  We opened our hearts to three soon to be homeless herbs and a hyacinth bulb.  Those are really the only constructive things we did.

A great amount of time was devoted to drinking tea and enjoying the sun, as we discussed everything from quinces to some certain recent political event. Rose Lemonade tea and a delicious Marigold /Peppernint/Lemon blend went down very well.  There was even cake!  Truly a terribly civilised Sunday morning.

We just need to decide what to plant!

Newsletter 15/11/16

Hi all, I know it was a month ago, but once again many thanks to all of you who supported our communal meal. It was indeed a lovely evening.

 We are continuing the work on our new allotment and have already dug many beds and cleared the sheds and the greenhouse. It’s coming along brilliantly. We have learned a lot in our first year  and continue to learn more every week so next year our produce will be even more plentiful and successful.
We will continue on Pat’s allotment next week also so might split the group for Sunday. The usual time 10am Payers park, don’t be shy anyone new who would like to come along. We have tea and everything. ..
We would like to invite suggestions of what we can grow come the spring and what we can be planting now. So do email back to with any words of wisdom, or even crazy ideas, I, for one, want to try sweet potatoes!! Here’s hoping.
In the meantime we have not forgotten Paddlesworth Farm and have a new plan to approach them once again with a further view to increasing our volunteering workforce. The potential here is great so all efforts to get some new volunteers are being explored, including perhaps getting a Cantiaci Bus/minivan (kindly donated by a local business?).
We’re hosting an environmental discussion and film showing evening on Thursday 24th November 7pm at Family, Thanks to Jeremy for kindly donating his place for the evening.
See you all Sunday or at Family on the 24th