See You Thursday! Here’s A Poem About Tea

Not long until the tea tasting and talk! What blends are your favourite?

Click here for more information on the event. 

Here’s a poem about tea from our columnist Dave Horn:

The kettle boils
Signalling the end
Of recent toils
Time for tea!
A dear one calls
And from all around they descend

Just one cup of tea
Is the source of such glee!
A time to rest and share
Make it herbal
And it’s even healthy
Hearts, minds and bodies on the mend

That is the beauty of tea
Rooted in simplicity
It has such capacity
To bring happiness and laughter
A good old catch-up
Or debrief post disaster

Seemingly infinite in it’s forms
A good tea pot
Every house should adorn
Bring out an infuser
And you’re stepping
Into tea porn

Just hot water
Dried leaves
Perhaps milk
But add sugar
And you’re
Of a bad ilk

But that is tea’s beauty
Who am I to prescribe or judge
Infinite forms
And infinite variations
We all have our particular
Tea related fixations

A shared experience
Your unique expression
For times good
For times bad
Tea is a gift and tool
Bring life whatever it would


David James Horn ©

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Join Us For A Tea Tasting

We are very excited to announce we will be hosting another tea tasting! We really enjoyed the last one, and love tea perhaps a little too much, so thought we’d do it again!

We’ll have a range of teas, some we’ve bought and some that have been blended by Cantiaci members in-house at Kipps’ Alehouse, Folkestone. Expect delicious teas and leave your tasting notes!

This time we have invited a guest speaker, local herbalist Lynda Jones! Lynda will be speaking about healthy living through herbalism and the power of herbs!

Join us at Kipps’ Alehouse, Folkestone on Thursday 9th February at 7pm for some amazing tea inspired times!  Below is our poster as well as some photos from last year!

Click here for the Facebook event.

Folkestone Cantiaci, Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Kipps Alehouse, Kipps, Tea, Tea Tasting

What We’ve Been Doing: Kipps’ Decking and George Lane

We’re a step closer to growing more produce and herbs on Kipps’ decking!  We’ve been busy fixing the racking for the used kegs which means there’s more room for us to put planters.  It’s been a few dark late nights in the making and lots of runs back to the shops when we’ve found we have the wrong screws and rawl plugs but it is finished at last!

At the bed in George Lane we’ve given it a little tidy, and added a few new additions.  Don’t forget the notice board, we’d love for you to put up community events and news on it.

The Communal Meal: Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that came to our fabulous community meal on Thursday night. We think we fed around 30 people with produce from our allotment (butternut squash, courgette, golden beetroots, leeks, beans and herbs) as well as some donations from local businesses.

It might have been a bit cramped but luckily there was enough food to go round and we hope everyone enjoyed the delicious range of food on offer and got to meet some new people too, as well as find out a little more about what we’re all about.

So… on to the thank yous!

Firstly a big thanks to Kipps’ Alehouse for letting us use their premises and being so supportive of this project.

Thanks to the local businesses that donated some extra produce to top up what we had from the allotment – so a big thank you to Roots and Fruits and County Fayre.

Thanks to the Cantiaci members for making the food – Nick for his curry, tagine, rice, beetroot bhajies and cous cous, James for his dhal, peanut chutney and coriander chutney, Rebecca for her apple nutty crumble and the cordials, and to honorary member Klara Darkly for bringing her lovely vegan cheesecakes. We’re going to post some of the recipes in future blog posts so watch this space (in fact the rhubarb cordial and elderflower cordial recipes are already up!) A massive thanks also to Kath, Dave and Maggie for their help in the kitchen before and after the meal, busily washing up between rounds and at the end of the night while everyone else was collapsed with full bellies.

Lastly, thanks to everyone that donated money for the meal… and to those that didn’t! All money raised will be used to fund future projects and buy seeds and equipment for the community allotment. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need any money but, of course, some things do cost us and we hope the ‘pay as you feel’ model allows those that can afford it to donate and those that can’t to still be able to come along and enjoy the meal and the company without being worried about not being able to afford to eat out.

Hopefully we haven’t missed anyone (so many thank yous to give!)

Hope to see you at the next event!


This Thursday: The Cantiaci Communal Meal!

Join us on Thursday for our communal meal, our celebration of the produce we’ve grown and the harvest season!  The meal will include a vegan tagine and curry made by Cantiaci member and Kipps’ chef Nick Todd.Delicous raw vegan treats will also be made by Klara Darkly.  

We can’t wait to try them and see you all there!  For more information and the Facebook event click here.

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What We’ve Been Doing: The Decking At Kipps’

We’ve kindly been allowed to use the decking at Kipps’ Alehouse to grow on!  We’ve already put a waterbutt in, and with all this rain maybe it’s time for another.  We’ve also got lots of key keg planters ready for action.

We also want to give the hanging baskets a bit of a makeover.  First though it’s all about the racking that the kegs are held in.  Its a little warped to say the least, so we tentatively made a start – it does get dark quickly now though!