Our Blogs

These are our Cantiaci blogs written by Cantiaci members and other local people.  Read here for a laugh or something to think about. Read here also though to find help, tips, recipes – useful original material from the people in our community.  Sharing and learning so we can all grow.

The Allotment Diary

Keep up-to-date with our progress at our Newington allotment.  We share our highs and lows – and most importantly our experiences and what we learn. It’s safe to say we’re fairly novice but we enjoy it and learn something new each time we go!

Nick Todd’s Food Blog

Read professional chef Nick Todd’s food blog where he shares ideas, thoughts and recipes. Nick cooks for one of our Folkestone eateries and his food is well regarded.  Written from a vegetarian perspective have a read and try the recipes, get in touch with how you found the recipes!

Written In Tea Leaves

Dave Horn shares musings in the form of poetry and prose, largely we suspect, on tea and bees. But there will also be his observations, insights and views on a wider range of community, environment and socially based topics.  Perhaps he may even brave the slightly philosophical.

The Guest Spot

This is a place for our warmly welcomed guests. A place for those one off posts from people with passions and expertise in a wide range of fields that fall under the ethos of Folkestone Cantiaci. Do you have a passion and expertise and want to be a guest of ours? Contact us.

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