What We’ve Doing: Water Collection At The Harbour Ward Community Garden

Mike, Frank and Dave were down at the Harbour Ward Community Garden recently. One wonderful sunny morning we improved the water collection on the slope above. This year there will hopefully be lots of beds with happy healthy plants in them

We added some corrugated sheets of plastic, which should deed into the guttering and waterbutt nicely. Powered by Rooibus tea and cheese biscuits it was lovely, what a few! Mike also installed a bench to make enjoying it even nicer.

Harbour Ward Community Garden CIC Announcement

We are proud to announce that we are taking over the running of the Harbour Ward Community Garden CIC from next year.

It’s a great project and we look forward to continuing to run it. ┬áIt’s important to have access to green space so projects such as this are truly wonderful!

Click here to view our page for details and to make any enquiries.

Harbour Ward Community Garden, Folkestone, Allotments, East Cliff