Taking In The View

2017 is definitely a year for making a bit more time and spending it in enjoyably, and in the present.

Just sittin’
In the other room
The radio is spittin’
I got plenty else to do
But instead
I think I’ll just stop
And take in the view

There’s always somewhere to rush
But in my week
I do that much too much
I’ll just park my body
By that window for a few
Just taking in
That view

Across the rooftop slopes
The pigeons hop and float
Framed by the wood, the glass
That perfect piece of art
That flows light to dark
It really has been too long
Since I stopped and took in the view

I could be a million places
Making a million faces
There’s always so much to do
But right now I can’t
Think of anything better than
Just stopping
And taking in the view

Dave James Horn ©


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