Man Flower

In line with our environmental discussion and film showing tonight, here is a poem about atleast in my view our relationship with the dear old environment.  From palm oil production to the Amazon – we’re impacting this world critically.  Equally though we have the tools and insight to live a better way.

Like lots of animals I have skin
Bones and eyeballs
My knee bleads when I fall

But I belong to a species
That seems with nature
To have torn up it’s treaties

Treating this planet like it’s ours
The flat mates from hell
Using up the meter and crashing cars

But I am the same
As that delicate flower
Hidden in the side of our towers

I am the same
I need the same conditions
To stay alive and in the game

Water and sunlight
Clean skies and the earth
To us both bring delight

We are the same
Sharing this place
We are all nature

Dave James Horn ©


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