Newsletter 15/11/16

Hi all, I know it was a month ago, but once again many thanks to all of you who supported our communal meal. It was indeed a lovely evening.

 We are continuing the work on our new allotment and have already dug many beds and cleared the sheds and the greenhouse. It’s coming along brilliantly. We have learned a lot in our first year  and continue to learn more every week so next year our produce will be even more plentiful and successful.
We will continue on Pat’s allotment next week also so might split the group for Sunday. The usual time 10am Payers park, don’t be shy anyone new who would like to come along. We have tea and everything. ..
We would like to invite suggestions of what we can grow come the spring and what we can be planting now. So do email back to with any words of wisdom, or even crazy ideas, I, for one, want to try sweet potatoes!! Here’s hoping.
In the meantime we have not forgotten Paddlesworth Farm and have a new plan to approach them once again with a further view to increasing our volunteering workforce. The potential here is great so all efforts to get some new volunteers are being explored, including perhaps getting a Cantiaci Bus/minivan (kindly donated by a local business?).
We’re hosting an environmental discussion and film showing evening on Thursday 24th November 7pm at Family, Thanks to Jeremy for kindly donating his place for the evening.
See you all Sunday or at Family on the 24th

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