Folkestone Soup 4, 12th November 2016

Facebook Event

It’s a simple concept: people turn up, pay £5 at the door, and listen to three or four people pitch an idea to improve the local community. Pitchers may not talk for more than four minutes, and must definitely not use PowerPoint. The audience can then ask a maximum of four questions.

With the presentations over, SOUP IS SERVED. People mull over the ideas and then they vote on their favourite. The winner gets to take home all the money taken at the door and use it to fund their plan, with the promise they will come back four months later to report on their progress – the next meeting will be in February.

The ideas bidding for funding tonight could include a Guerilla Gardening team, a ‘Teenagers meet Grandmas/dads’ project, birdboxes for Payer’s Park or a support group for helping people facing repossession.
DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA THAT WE COULD FUND? If you have an idea for a small project that would benefit Folkestone’s community and environment then share on this page or email folkestonesoup@gmail,com and it will be considered for inclusion in our inaugural meeting (or failing that future meetings)!

For more details about the genesis of this project go to, which will tell you about the Detroit project that inspired this Folkestone version.

See you there!


Alex MacLaren
Vic Burton
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