The Allotment Diary: Raspberries And Fire

This week was largely spent burning things.  Head fire starter Mike prepared a roaring fire, into which we put as much of the waste wood and grass we could.  Strangely hypnotic we still found time to discuss the various mushrooms found growing on the allotment and that continuously contentious presidential election.

With a small eye on the fire though, as small bits tried to escape.  It was not a good day for health and safety.  The fire Mike made was also a powerful thing, and will certainly be the end of this poor rusty barrel.  We did manage to sort the rubish which was one productive thing.  We were also donated by a neighbour the frame for a greenhouse table which was very kind, we’re very grateful.  No doubt Frank can fix it into some masterpiece.

At the other allotment we helped Pat burn more things and marvelled at the amount of growth still happening.  The wild flower bed is now a carpet of future flowers.  And there are still raspberries!  Delicous yellow ones.

Nature is amazing!


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