The Allotment Diary: The Mysterious Corner

At the allotment this week we discovered the mysteries of the corner!

At our first allotment Frank fixed things and we weeded.  We also got to enjoy harvesting some vegetables that seemed relatively unscathed by insects.  Maybe it’s the weather, whatever it is the nasturtiums are loving it and bigger and better than ever!

Meanwhile, in the corner we outlined and dug a new bed.  It’s curved again to help biodiversity, we are assured, and frankly Sunday morning proved to not be the time for calculating surface area so we’ll go with it.  In the corner (pause for effect) however we found a mature sage plant hidden in the grass.  We also found blue mushrooms.  The corner certainly is a mysterious place (made quickly less mysterious by Google)!  Perhaps an ancient disturbed corner spirit or perhaps as it has been suggested a child’s toy, we also encountered a marvellous tiny badger!  There were of course more potatoes in this new bed, we are being stalked by vegetables!

Another fun day’s adventure at the allotment.





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