The Allotment Diary: Digging and Politics

Work on the second allotment has been progressing, with one bed now ready for planting (when will that be though?) and another halfway. It’s rewarding to be digging and turning the soil, removing the grass roots until we have a fine soil ready for planting. During the process we found ourselves musing over a whole range of political topics, from gender identity to the arms trade and veganism to the US presidential elections. It’s good to have a Sunday morning chinwag on these important topics.

As well as chatting we also did some work, including clearing out the greenhouse, digging the beds in it and planting some winter spinach seeds.

We have put carpet down where the two rows of raspberries will be going to try and kill off the weeds ready for when we move our canes in November. The raspberries at the first allotment are far too crowded and are suffering because of it so when they’re dormant we’ll thin them out and transport some to the new site.

Meanwhile, we’re also planning the layout of the new allotment. So far we have some curved beds (these improve biodiversity, apparently), a wildlife pond, a wildlife border and a seating area planned. Frank has also donated a pile of gardening books for the growing Cantiaci library and Rebecca has found some wooden stools left out at the side of the road so we’ll soon have a nice little area to sit and chill out with a book and cup of tea.

Speaking of chilling out, on the way home we stopped off at the Peene Railway Museum where they had lots of lovely fresh apple juice being pressed. Nom nom!

It’s still very early days for this second allotment and if you would like to help out, have a say in what we grow there and get some tasty fresh organic produce do get in touch. Being a group allotment the commitment is not as extreme as taking on an allotment of your own – we all cover for each other when members of the group can’t make it, so it’s a good way of learning about growing vegetables without taking on too much.


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