The Allotment Diary: Breaking The Ground

A progression from breaking tools last week, this week we broke the ground!  We created two beds and preped our raspberry beds at our new allotment and once again saw lotscof our miner bee friends.  The beds are curved and Nick assures us that the increases edges this makes will create greater biodiversity.  Although a lot if that biodiversity could be in the form of weeds.  We also recycled the ash from our grass burning to our compost to help balance alk those acidic fruits.  Although we don’t think it will help with the spoon we found in there.  There are even potatoes in the ground here, it’s been empty for at least a season, are we being stalked by spuds?

At the other allotment we broke more ground finishing off the remaining fruit bushes. We also rescued some squashes, whilst being amazed new ones are still growing!  It was beautiful to see the chopped down wild flower bed busting back into life after self seeding, and even spreading down to further disused beds. Nature, amazing right?!  It was exciting to discuss our next event as well, a communal meal using all this lovely produce.


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