The Allotment Diary: Breaking Things

This week was all about breaking things, both good and bad.  At the new allotment we finally got a strimmer up there.  Ater much beard stroking and attempts to start it we finally got the grass under control.  We had to duck though and abandon the allotment as Frank set about launching tiny projectiles in all directions.  We unfortunately as well as taming the grass must have closed the entrance to a miner bee hive.  There were hundreds looking for a way in, we hope they found it!  Slightly more constructively we did begin planning where the beds will be, the bees can keep their spot as a wild area.

At the other allotment we broke more things.  We managed to break three forks as we dug up some old fruit bushes.  Of course there was more weeding… yay?  Happily there was also some harvesting of courgettes.  Even the sun bleached mint is coming back.  We also harvested marigold seeds for next year and hundreds of nasturtium seeds!



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