The Seedbomb Workshop: Thankyous And Photos


What an awesome day we had yesterday!  We’d like to thank you all for coming, creating seedbombs and a few works of art!  Thank you for your donations which we will put back into our projects and Folkestone.  It was great to meet and talk to so many people, and make so many seedbombs!  And have a excellent time doing it!

Thank you to:

  • The Harbour Arm for letting us use the container
  • Nick for collecting the clay
  • Rebecca for the wild flower seeds and compost, and the how to leaflets- and slightly trippy horse masks
  • James for the musical contributions and presenting a video hopefully soon to come
  • Dave for the tea
  • Bean and Kahlo for mastering the seedbomb art and creating our chalk board sign
  • Klara for the delicious flapjacks
  • Everyone who shared our posts on social media and in real life!

How here are some photos!


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