The Allotment Diary: Fixing, Burning, Growing

Over at the first allotment Frank was busy fixing things again!  We also harvested more beans, which seem to have taken over the potatoes in their ability to appear everywhere!  There was of course more weeding (when isn’t there?  Hopefully the answer isn’t never) and another master class from Pat.  Randomly we also acquired an avocado plant that had germinated in the compost.  Our asparagus is also doing surprisingly well with almost all twenty plants above ground.  Next year we hope we to get a crop from them!

Over at the second allotment chief fire Mike had a fire going for all our dry grass almost immediately.  We’re starting to worry, he seemed VERY adept at starting the fire and slightly mesmerised by it.  But it was fun, also, why are there never marshmallows when you need them?  In slightly less worrying activities Rebecca discovered a big bush of hawthorne berries which will be going into teas and tinctures.  Frank emptied the shed, filling two sacks full with rubbish.  He also showed us the lovely new re-felted roof it now has, he is always fixing things.  He probably sleep fixes!  There’s plenty more grass to clear so there will probably be a few more fires, but one day we’ll be able to grow on it!!


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