Seagull Rage

The other day I saw a seagull diving down for what I guess it thought was food.  Fishing up some plastic though it soon spat it out.  This probably sounds preachy but the image stuck with me.

Plastic!? Plastic!
The seagull yelped
What looked like a fish
Did not satisfy her wish

The hungry chick
Floating near by
Continued to get
On it’s mothers wick

In a rage the seagull seethed
You humans need help!
Can you not hear nature screaming
Is it something you’ve not felt?

Just look
At f@#+ing climate change
Doesn’t need a genius
To watch this world cook

And plastic in the seas!
That sh#t is everywhere
Some insidious toxic disease

My chick is still hungry
Won’t shut up
Sadly plastic
Doesn’t do much for the gut

So humans come on
Disprove the doubt
Don’t you think all this plastic
Is getting a bit drastic?

Dave James Horn ©


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