Newsletter 31/08/16

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 Hey everyone,  The compost has arrived at Payers, we need a wheelbarrow.. yesterday if not sooner, or two. so if anyone locally can donate one or loan us one or knows where we can steal one we could use it straight away as we need to start moving it today and tomorrow. 
Speaking of tomorrow Thursday at space 6pm.  Rebecca I believe you offered to bring your staple gun. we have the liners and will get that done and hopefully filled with compost. A couple of shovels if anyone can bring also.
I think a painted poster for the seedbomb workshop is required for the on the day event. James P perhaps we can talk about it and I can send you the fabulous printed poster, Dave has already done.
Newington has produced some very good veg and the harvest is upon us. The second rather large allotment at Newington is underway and we have made good headway on the clear up thanks to some new volunteers. Mike is also going back and forth taking the rubbish away which is great and Frank will be bringing his strimmer on Sunday. To the new volunteers.. we found it very helpful to take ownership of a small plot each at Pat’s allotment and this is something you can do at the new allotment, you then grow what you want and it makes it far more interesting.
We are hoping to organise a communal meal somewhere around the 14th Sept onward. We have enough produce to create some great dishes and it will be nice to celebrate a very good first harvest from just a small core group.  It has been great to see what we have achieved in such a short time. We are all learning so much as we go and next year will be even better.
There are a couple of other projects on the horizon, but T.M.I at the moment, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need more actual volunteers and not the fair weather variety. So get some gloves and come on out.
NB: Folkestone in Transition are re-launching, Wednesday 7th Sept, 7pm. Sunflower house. Also on Tuesday 20th Sept screening TRASHED at Sunflower house. 7pm.
See the usual variety on Thursday and Sunday.

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