The Allotment Diary: Beginnings And Endings

Starting at the new allotment we added a little newspaper to our new composters to ensure a little balance when it finally comes time to use it!  We also hacked a third composter out of the undergrowth, which looks ready to go!  There are certain to be more things hidden here yet, though the chemical toilet proves they might not all be good.  One thing that is definitely hiding are a plethora of creepy crawlies like some fairly robust looking spiders. Still, it is very therapeutic to cut back the jungle and reclaim the land ready for next Spring.

Over at site one it was a case of endings and beginnings.  Two or three beds are now empty or looking very very bare.  Our wild flower meadow particularly is down to one lonely borage plant.  Still though there are potatoes!  And the kale, the local wildlife is doing a good job at ending most of that!  However there are potatoes everywhere!  Everywhere you rake look and tread more seem to appear.  We have new additions among all this withering.  We’ve planted artichokes and we’re quite excited to see … eventually… the results!  The end results of Spring/Summer are filtering through still, in the form of some monster courgettes and squashes.  They will be great additions any feasts we’re hoping to plan.

And of course there was tea.  Where would we be without tea?


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