The Allotment Diary: Winter (Veg) Is Coming

The change of the seasons was evident at the allotment this week.  The winter vegetables are starting to shine where the Spring harvest is starting to wind down.  The leeks are really coming alive, and the parsnips are looking a bit happier to.  Some tough beans were still to be found, and a few persistent and delicious yellow raspberries.  On the whole though Spring has sprung and bounced off to some other part of the  globe.  Still, the tough old beans along with seeding nasturtiums will provide some great plants for next year!

Of course there was also plenty of weeding to be done, the weeds seem to give zero cares about what season it is and are tenacious as ever!   One thing just as tenacious as the weeds though are the courgette plants busy sprawling across the ground leaving a delicious developing trail in their wake.

There was plenty of delicious produce still, runner beans and the last of the potatoes to name a few!  Nature’s bounty is astounding!  It’s nice to see some marigolds to when most of the wild flowers have gone to seed,


Over at the second wilderness allotment we were busy clearing – rubbish, wood and all the vegetation between us and the soil.  Long job doesn’t come close,but among it all are still mysteries – like the strange electrical appliance hiding in the weather beaten greenhouse.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well no, probably not but some aspect of a washing machine seems like a good shout so far!   As wild as it all is we were still civilised enough to have tea at least, where would we be without tea?!   Despite all this civilisation lark there is so much wonderful nature around we will have to leave a space for it, share the space.



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