The Allotment Diary: Raiders Of The Lost Allotment

This week we got to grips with the new allotment; long abandoned with traps like an overgrown and hidden pond, shards of glass and a composter which must once have been an extra in a horror movie.  Hidden in the grass were some gems however!

Once we hacked back the brambles there is an apple tree and three composters. In the grass were some beans and raspberries waiting to be liberated.  The shed also held some treasures, plenty of tools and general bits.  Although unfortunately a full chemical toilet as well.

Needless to say it’s being tactically ignored until someone feels brave, or dared?  It would have to be a double dare.  We are very grateful to Mark Sutherland who donated two lovely blackcurrant bushes.  They now occupy the only cleared and neat part of the allotment.

There are certain to be a few more mysteries, like the source of that mystery odour.  There is also lots of potential, plenty of grass for scythe therapy and a healthy population of lizards, watch this space!


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