Folkestone and Hythe in Transition showed Racing Extinction last week.  It’s moving, sad and I fully understood some whole new ways we’re harming the planet!  If Earth were a flat we were renting at this point we’d definitely not get our deposit back. Anyway, it’s well worth watching – not the feel good classic of the year but powerful viewing.  It got me thinking..

To blink
To shut and open the eyes
And just think
Our eyes are closed almost as much as they’re open
If it were a film at the cinema
We’d want our money back
We’d say there were bits missing
The camera must have been broken

But blinks aren’t just muscle spasms
They’re measurements of time whether we’re looking or not
And that moment happens everywhere
All at once
The creation of great chasms
The birth of new people
The shot that ends a species
Another view of that YouTube video
Where the monkey throws it’s faeces

All it takes is a blink
A moment
That few milliseconds when you might
Save a life
Share a smile
Plant a seed
Or design the next essential component
Blink and you’ll miss it
They say

But with these glitchy cameras
And their compulsion to blink
Maybe they make us directors
Cut there
Go to camera here
In this biologically projected movie
Cut to cut
Letting us really get our point across

Our eyes are closed
Almost as much as
They are open
What better reason to truly make them see
And so be aware
Share, care
For each other and ourselves really be there
And in the darkness of despair
Shine the light
Of positivity’s repair
I mean let’s make this movie at least good to fair

Dave James Horn ©

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Bees, Save The Bees, Love Bees, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee


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