Kipps’ fundraiser – huge success!

We’d like to thank everyone who came to our fundraising afternoon at Kipps’ Alehouse on Saturday – we had a tremendous turnout and everyone was very generous with their donations – keep an eye on the blog to find out what projects we will be using it on! We were lucky to have a fantastic group of performers lend us their time to help us fundraise.

The line up on the day was:

Dave Horn, one of the founding members of Cantiaci, performing his wise and witty poetry on topics as diverse as politics, tea and his grandma – visit the Word Infuser’s own website for more.

Rob Leigh, legendary local singer-songwriter with a guitar, a great voice and Crocodile Dundee on bongos. Fantastic performance.

Birth of Ceol – an amazing debut of a new Folkestone-based jazz band with celtic influences featuring Cantiaci founder and all-round star Kath Riordan on vocals, Paul Brasington on violin, Marianne Kelly on keys and Gary Smith on drums – we’ll be watching closely for future gigs from them! And extra applause for Kath for co-organising the whole event.

James Rowdon, the guitar wizard from across the road (nearly) who played a selection of Spanish and classical guitar pieces. We’re pretty sure he was just being modest when he said he hadn’t planned his set.

Gumboots, a reggae duo who brought some of the July sunshine into Kipps’. Singer Kevin Richards is actually a fellow allotmenteer and has a plot not far from the Cantiaci plot. Follow them on Facebook to find out when they’re next playing.

James Pyott, multi-skilled (he also designed our logo) and multi-lingual singer, and occasional songwriter, and Cantiaci founding member performing songs in Italian, Greek, Romanian and even English and he’s reading this so I have to be extra nice, but he also needs to know he owes us songs in French, Spanish and Welsh. Extra gold stars for co-organising the event with Kath and performing after having been working for several hours setting up and being soundman. Thanks, James!

So, what are we using the money for? We have a few more things planned for the summer – a community meal at some point and a seedbomb making workshop (date TBC but probably early September) and we’re also looking for more small projects like the George Lane flower bed that we cleaned up and replanted, so please keep following us to follow our progress – and if you have an idea for a community project let us know.

See you at our next event!


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