The Allotment Diary: Dawn Of The Spuds

Despite being rudely lied to by the weatherman we trekked into the allotment through the drizzle.  Valiantly we weeded against the unstoppable tied of weeds, as well as edging the beds to hopefully make it a but easier.  Why can’t our vegetables grow so fast?!

Still apart from the weeding there was plenty of reward and learning!  We learnt that the dead potato plants mean clutches of delicious potatoes ready to collect – exhuming them like buried dinosaur eggs.

There were plenty more raspberries and radishes to, ready to be turned into vinegar and to be pickled.  And how stunning our nasturtium flowers – not mention tasty.  Some flowers are safe though, our micro meadow is looking lovely and most importantly feeding the bees.  We even raised our first flag, yarrrrrrr!

There is still so much to learn!



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