The Allotment Diary: Seeing Red

All this rain and sun has made the allotment burst into life.  There’s so much to harvest, and sadly we’re no the only ones doing the harvesting.  Beans, peas, radishes and spinach are all bursting with life and ready to eat.  And raspberries, so many raspberries!

We love it! Delicous little packages of red goodness, and of course the rule is pick 4 eat 1 – or pick 4 eat 3?  Less of a rule more of a guideline perhaps.  But like we said we’re not alone in enjoying nature’s bounty.  Cabbage White caterpillars are also enjoying nature’s bounty and  tucking into our nasturtiums like no ones business.  We’re re-homing them to one of our members gardens where they can eat all they like.

Something else has been dining on our potato plants, but our herb and wild flower micro meadow has exploded into life and flower!  What a difference a week or two can make.  Although once again we’re very much grateful for Pat and all her gardening wisdom!


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