Folkestone Soup 3, 6th July 2016

Have the idea for a much needed thing or service? Here is the place!  The soup is also great!

Facebook event page

Welcome to the third Folkestone Soup.
Here’s the concept: everyone turns up, pays £5 at the door, and listens to a line-up of four people who have negotiated in advance to pitch an idea to improve the local community. The only rules are: pitchers may not talk for more than four minutes, and they must not use PowerPoint. The audience can then ask a maximum of four constructive questions.

With the presentations over, SOUP IS SERVED. We all mull over the ideas and then we vote on our favourite. The winner gets to take home all the money taken at the door and use it to fund their plan, with the promise they will come back in June to report on their progress. The money raised may not be all the cash they need to run their project but it will be a significant vote of confidence in their idea.

February’s bids for funding were a Community Film, a theatre company, a shared apple press and an organic fruit and vegetable outfit. Feel free to bid for a business proposition provided there is a clear community benefit.

If you have a small project or business that would benefit Folkestone’s community and environment and you want to pitch it at Soup then please email folkestonesoup@gmail,com immediately and we will get in touch with you; it will be considered for inclusion in our July Soup or failing that at a future meeting. There in nothing to stop people pitching more than once. We welcome even half-formed ideas, as we can help you knock it into shape for the pitch.

Soft drinks will be available, but do bring a bottle.

For more details about the genesis of this project go to, which will tell you about the Detroit project that inspired this Folkestone version.

We need an idea of numbers for Soup catering purposes, so if you want to come, click “Going” and LET US KNOW in the Comments section if there will be more than one of you.

See you there!

Alex MacLaren
Vic Burton


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