Community – Metaphorical Compost

Sticking with the theme of Monday’s post my column this week is a poem on that old compost again.  Not left over fruit and veg though, this compost is made from the contributions of us into the community – and then what we take out at the other end.  Metaphorical compost has the added of bonus of not smelling foul or being guarded by a squadron of small flying insects.

We all add our bit
Our off cuttings
Our seeds and our pits
To the compost
So many people
Adding to one
Communal source

It builds and it grows
Even if at times
It’s smell might
Curl our toes
As all these contributions
Slowly break down and refine
Leaving a shared solution

Breaking down and combining
Soon there’s a collective compost
Ready to use
To nurture the next wave
Of things on which
We’ll be delighting
Making even more to add back

It’s just like that
A continual wave
Of giving
And enjoying what
The giving gave
The many making community
United in this cycle of unity

And so
We reap what we sow
What we share
Given with kindness
And with care
Lets make lots of smiles glow
Lets make compost!

Dave James Horn ©

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Bees, Save The Bees, Love Bees, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee


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