The Allotment Diary: The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been mostly about watering, interrupted by looking at how many of our plants have been viciously mauled by slugs and snails.  In that time though we’ve also planted a few more things – largely leeks, lots of leeks.  Frank has also been very busy helping build flower beds, digging new allotment beds, generally mending thing and even climbing trees to pull of the ivy.  Every time you look he’s fixing something!

We’re still pestering Pat with lots of questions to, how she’s not fed up yet we don’t know but we’re very grateful.  We’re starting to see signs of crops, some radishes, not far from being ready to harvest, which is terribly exciting!  Saying that, we are using the herbs for fresh herbal teas, plant to cup in thirty seconds!  Thanks to the last person to look after the land there will definitely be no shortage of potatoes, more and more appear every day!

Happily lots of bees seem to be finding their way to the plot so we’re hoping the wild flowers we’ve planted get going soon!  Have to love those bees!




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