The Paws do National Vegetarian Week, Day 1

Sounds like a delicious day! We like how you do National Vegetarian Week! We can’t wait for our event, Vegfest this Wednesday!

Paw the Love of Earth

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to Day 1 of Vegetarian Week

A quick note before we start: The Paws are vegan, so anywhere below that dairy products are listed, we actually used vegan alternatives. We are choosing to simply name them as regular products for maximum readability and accessibility in that hope that it will make it easier for more people to embrace the spirit of this week and go meat free. (For example, we usually enjoy our cereal with Oat milk or Rice milk, but during this blog series, we’re just going to write it as ‘milk’).


Granola, with a sliced green apple on the side. We love the tart zing and crisp juiciness that comes with a good Granny Smith apple.

Morning Snack

Flapjack. Easy to do at home, but also readily available in shops and bakeries. We made ours with dark chocolate  and a little orange oil.


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