The Allotment Diary: Progress!

[Last Week]

This week we went up Thursday and Sunday.   Thursday we descended with canes, mint and surprising amounts of enthusiasm considering there was no tea.  We paved the way for some beans and cleared two derelict beds, practically ready for planting –  again, no tea!  The allotment kinda looked real.  With some actual plants in it!

Sunday we started with the tea as we quizzed a very patient Pat on allotments 101.  Then there was some more planting as beans were acquainted with their poles and carrot seeds were placed under our latest acquisition – a poly tunnel.  Meanwhile another new bed was made to grow some Skirret, everyone’s favourite six foot tall Tudor vegetable.

This time we were ably assisted by one four legged friend, she not only weeded some grass but also gave us some fresh manure – terribly kind …We even made a herb and wild flower bed, got to treat those bees!  Eventually though the sun got the better of us and it as time to retreat. Exciting times!




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