Going Vegetarian For A Sustainable Planet

We have the resources to feed, shelter and clothe the whole world and we can and should do this in a way that does not harm the planet or the many wondrous and diverse species on it, of which we are but one.  How we do this, involves many different issues, some too big for us to get our heads around. But what we eat on a daily basis can have a huge impact on our ability to live in a sustainable way on this planet. The most significant, beneficial way you can lower your carbon footprint, use less of the planets resources and prevent the suffering of animals, is to live a Vegetarian or even better a Vegan lifestyle. With that in mind, I will post easy and nutritious recipes, to help you on your way.  The first will be here on Thursday at 11:30!

Nick Todd

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Transition Town, Vegetarian, Vegan, Sustainable Living



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