Vintage Veg

We’re fickle things us humans, always moving with the fashions whether its facial hair, clothes or phones.  Vegetables are no different – colours, sizes and even whole varieties!

Have you heard of Skirret?  It’s a root vegetable popular with the Tudors which has long fallen out of regular consumption.  Intrigued?  Here’s an excerpt from and link to the original article in The Telegraph:

‘The sweetest, whitest and most pleasant of roots,” raves gentleman gardener John Worlidge in his 1677 Systema Horticulturae, or, The Art of Gardening. “Pleasant and wholesome,” agrees Culpeper’s Complete Herbal. Yet the subtle sweetness of the modest skirret, noted by Pliny as the Emperor Tiberius’s favourite and a mainstay of Tudor tables, is all but lost today.

Dave James Horn

Skirret, Root Vegetable, Tudors, Folkestone, Cantiaci, Kent, Community, Transition Town,
Photo credit: Sandra Lawrence

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