Permaculture For Renters

Permaculture is a great way to live but living it can really take up and change the space – and for people who rent sometimes landlords arent’t too fond of this.

Here’s a great post on 11 ways to practice permaculture when you don’t own your house!

How do you get thriving permaculture garden while you’re renting?  There are particular challenges, but there’s also a whole lot of great ideas for creating abundant temporary gardens and flourishing community spaces.

In our 20s, Evan and I lived in rental houses for years before we moved to Crystal Waters ecovillage.  We grew a fair bit in pots, in the yard and along the footpath, but we also became avid community gardeners and helped to organise a food box system for the other foods we needed. Our sense of permaculture gardening embraced the community – the city farm, friends places and verges (amazing macadamias and tamarinds)

Read more the full article on the link below


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