The Allotment Diary: Catch Up


We have been lucky enough to share an allotment with a wonderful woman named Pat.  A month ago we turned up bleary-eyed (it was a Sunday after all) but ready!

In our first two weeks we dug out our beds!  We defined our borders and got down to lots and lots (and lots) of weeding.  Eventually we had ten beds ready and waiting – plenty of room to get growing!  We also dug up some monster veg left behind from the last season.  Allotment stew attempt one however wasn’t a total success, we’d been beaten to the punch slightly by the bugs!

Week three was a biggie, manure week! Getting up bright and early we were greeted to 6 square meters of nostril stinging bullock manure ready to go!  Lots of wheel barrow loads later it was in the dung pit! The  special holding pen we’ve built, just in case it escapes. We got most of it in on week three and happily finished all that smelly business last week.

Since then we’ve been working all that lovely manure into the soil and weeding, so much weeding!  Although on the bright side occasionally the weeds turn out to be vegetables so we’re still discovering little treats from the land.

Now its time get our seedlings ready, get them in the ground and grow some delicious vegetables!

Folkestone, Cantiaci, Community, Sustaintable, Allotment


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