An open community for a sustainable local economy

We’re reconnecting with the land and finding sustainable ways of living in the 21st century. We’re working to provide for our community needs within our communities, harnessing the abundant energy, skills and passions of the people who live here. We can counter the pervading sense of powerlessness, whether through grassroots action or pressure on council decisions.

  • Folkestone Cantiaci, (a name from the Celtic tribe that gave Kent its name) aims to:
    inspire participation from the community by providing an open forum for all
  • turn our town into a more environmentally sympathetic, socially aware and caring community.

We’ll do this by:

  • drawing on the successful model of the Transition Town Movement
  • holding fact finding meetings and presentations at community centres, libraries, schools and sport centres etc.
  • linking the different people who make up the community of Folkestone with projects they can enjoy and benefit from
  • exchange ideas and concepts openly, developing the skills needed for a sustainable land-based community
  • supporting an active network of individuals, groups and movements, by hosting discussion, talks and skill sharing workshops as well as maintaining an up to date register of volunteers
  • supplying our increasingly skilled volunteers,, wherever possible, to existing groups in need
  • identifying gaps in existing projects and filling those gaps either through other groups or by starting the project ourselves
  • maintaining good working relations with SDC, Folkestone Town Council and other groups
  • securing more land to respond to the growth of activities of the group and aid with access to grants etc. while remaining fiercely independent from party politics.

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